Our story

Our story

Cedars was created by friends and family members, who loved gathering for a meal full of the best homemade Lebanese meze, served by an attentive and dedicated staff in a cosy and authentic atmosphere.

Welcome to Cedars, welcome to your place

Our food philosophy

Quality, traditions and generosity are our main mottos.
We use the freshest, local and seasonal products to serve you the best Lebanese cuisine. Since the beginning, we partner with local farmers.
Our recipes come from traditional and authentic Lebanese cuisine to treat you to the best middle eastern flavors.

We’ll be happy to share our traditions and gastronomy with you.
This is how we believe Lebanese food should be – traditionally and painstakingly prepared, affordable and a joy to eat.

A word from our chef

Cedars is above all a human adventure, born of a passion for Lebanese cuisine, a journey and meetings.

What I would like to share with you through our dishes is first and foremost, the richness and diversity of our Lebanese cuisine.

My commitment is to make all your events a success, and to guarantee you the best quality of the raw products that I choose, and an excellent execution of our services.

Our team and I are at your disposal to entertain you and your guests.

Very good tasting!

Chef Aboudi

A word from the manager

Since the beginning of this beautiful adventure, I have always wanted to build a brand based on the quality of the products, the respect of the culinary tradition of Lebanon that our elders kept perfecting over time.
But I have also paid attention to leave space for our talented culinary team to allow them to put their own signature on it.
Today, with the growing success that Cedars is experiencing, I can say with certainty that our institution has made a name for itself, and is shaking up the traditional codes of Lebanese restaurants in France with home-made cooking, seasonal ingredients and quality and an attentive and warm service.

We will be happy to welcome you to our world and remain at your disposal to make your wishes a reality.


Rami Tamim

Yahyah Abbara
Chef de partie

Tarek Affi
Second de cuisine

Our commitment to quality

 Our Lebanese food is home-cooked, prepared fresh every day and from scratch, using no additives, using only the best ingredients sourced locally.

Cedars has been involved for a year with the FOOD (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) on the initiative of the European Commission. We are collaborating with Edenred to promote a healthier lifestyle with a balanced diet and to fight obesity.

We pay attention and take care of our customers to serve you balanced, healthy and delicious Lebanese dishes.

Our commitment to sustainability

 The oil we use is transformed into biofuels by our partner Ecogras.


Once a week we offer an organic dish.